File Structure

All capsules start off their life as unpackaged capsules. An unpackaged capsule is simply a directory containing all files that will be packaged into the capsule. This directory must contain, at minimum, a meta.conf file and a file.

├── meta.conf

The meta.conf file is a simple configuration file which specifies the major and minor version of OpenVisionCapsules that this capsule requires. Applications use this information to decide if your capsule is compatible with the version of OpenVisionCapsules the application uses. A capsule with a compatibility version of 0.1 are expected to be compatible with applications that use OpenVisionCapsules version 0.1 through 0.x, but not 1.x or 2.x.

api_compatibility_version = 0.1

The file is the meat of the capsule. It contains the actual behavior of the capsule. We will talk more about the contents of this file in a later section.

If your capsule uses other files for its operation, like a model file, it should be included in this directory as well. All files in the capsule’s directory will be included and made accessible once it’s packaged.

├── meta.conf
└── frozen_inference_graph.pb